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Applying for Jobs

I want to cancel a job application

Simply e-mail us with information we can use to isolate the application to cancel including your full name and the specific job you applied for.
(Contact must be within 2 working days of application)

How long should I expect to wait before I get a reply?

Each client company is different so we cannot guarantee a time although we expect companies to reply within 2-3 working days. In some cases however it may take just under or over a week to respond and apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Are there alternative ways to apply?

If for any reason you wish to apply for a job through alternative means (i.e. not using our online application form) you can send us or hand in your CV etc. to our physical address here (link).

I don’t have a valid Working Visa yet

If you do not have a visa at any time during the application process or wish to apply for one once you have been offered a working position, then you are still able to use our services without concern. Once you have accepted an offer however, you will be advised to obtain the visa within a certain amount of time (advised by the client company) and have available proof which will need to be shown to both Japan Job Hunter and the client. We recommend prompt action as if not obtained within this time may lead to termination of contract.


How does Japan Job Hunter protect my personal information?

Japan Job Hunter (and parent company Global Net NZ Ltd.) collects and uses its users’ personal information with the utmost care. Japan Job Hunter has implemented internally strict principles for protecting personal information which all staff adhere to.

When is my personal information shown to companies?

Your private information is only available to the parties directly involved in the application process; i.e. Japan Job Hunter and the company in which you have applied for. Provided information such as C.Vs’ and referrals, are necessary to apply and given to relevant companies for the selection process.